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The Alphorns of Salzburger Echo


The sonorous sounds of the alphorns are famous for inducing the ambience of the Alps. Also called the Alpenhorn or the Alpine Horn, the alphorn produces a wonderful, rich tone reminiscent of an open French Horn. As a group, the alphorns produce amazing harmonization and breathtaking music. Traditionally, the horn is made from a single spruce tree, growing from the side of a hill, hence the upward curve of the bell. The tree is cut at the rootline, stripped of bark and branches, and then split laterally. Each half is hollowed, shaped, and smoothed. The halves are glued and pressed back together, then overwrapped tightly with birch rattan. A wooden ring finishes the bell, and a mouthpiece reciever is fixed to the small end. Many makers will then finish the horn with a hard lacquer and decorate the bell with hand-painted flowers or alpine scenes. Some makers even carve the decorations into the wood of the bell in a bas-relief engraving. Today, horns are made from many different materials, including wood, laminates, and fiber-resin composites. Although the horns are not particularly loud, in the right environment and weather conditions, they can be heard as far away as six or seven miles. As a group, the alphorns produce amazing harmonization and breathtaking music.


The Alphorns of Salzburger Echo are a great addition to any event. We love playing at oktoberfests, weddings, schools, corporate events, and apres ski. You can book a an alphorn performance in many configurations from a solo up to a large ensemble. We take pride in our fun and educational shows, and look forward to being part of your next event.

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