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North American Alphorn Retreat

     When Salzburger Echo added alphorns to our stage show more than two decades ago, we never could have imagined how much of an impact it would have on the shape of our careers. Since 1995 we have become one of the most sought after alphorn groups in the United States, and have had the chance to perform throughout North America and Europe. In our years of traveling and performing with the alphorns, we have been able to meet the top builders, players, instructors, and historians of these beautiful instruments. As we established these connections, our fascination with alphorns grew and we realized that we wanted to share our love for them.

      In August of 2008 we held the first North American Alphorn Retreat with the goal to expand the alphorn community in the United States and Canada as well as bolster camaraderie among its members. Building on the success of our first year, The North American Alphorn Retreat has become an annual event that has hosted more than 200 participants. Our world class instructors take pride in helping musicians of all ages and experience levels advance their skills as an alphorn player.

     For more information about this year's retreat, go to or send us an email through the contact page.

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