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Prairie Song

Salzburger Echo's newest album Prairie Song is an exciting new take on the alphorn. This album has a refreshing mix of acoustic alphorn songs and orchestral songs that feature the alphorn. The songs on this album are inspired by the music and the landscapes that make America unique.




·Prairie Song


·Will The Circle Be Unbroken




·Wayfairing Stranger

Yodelology 101

Yodelology 101 is a fantastic album that showcases many different yodeling styles. To go along with the high-energy yodels that Salzburger Echo is known for, this album also has waltzes, a cajun-style yodel, and a polka arrangement of a famous country ballad.  





·Country Roads


·Das Kufsteiner Lied 


·Tiroler Bravour

The Wurst of Salzburger Echo

The Wurst Of Salzburger Echo is a compilation of our favorite tracks from the first four albums we made We have included a great mix of everything the band does including: Polkas, Waltzes, Yodeling, Alphorns, Swiss Cowbells, and the Holz Glächter. 




·Kleiner König


·Buck's Polka


·Muss I Den




Cornucopia is an acoustic alphorn album that features a nice blend of traditional alphorn songs and arrangements that allow us to play well known classical melodies on the alphorn. 




·Alphorn Ode to Joy


·Polka de la Tsoumaz


·Amazing Grace

The Alphorns of Salzburger Echo

The Alphorns Of Salzburger Echo  is the first of

our albums and features alphorns on every track. To go along with a selection of acoustic alphorn songs, this album also have several tracks that include the full Salzburger Echo band. 




·Alp'n Tanz


·Go Tell It on The Mountain



Lost in Bavaria

Lost In Bavaria  is a high energy album featuring lots of polka and yodeling. On this recording, we have also included a couple of our comedic songs. listening to this album will make you want to get out of your seat and dance. 




·Autumn Breezes


·Politically Incorrect Polka Medley


·Mir Geh'n no Lang net ins Bett


·Doktor Max


Pasteurized is an exciting album full of Oktoberfest spirit. To go along with the Polkas, Waltzes, and Yodeling that you would expect to hear at Oktoberfest, we also have Salzburger Echo's famous Cowbells and Alphorns.




·Schunkel Medley


·Happy Wanderer


·Schweitzer Mad'l



Alpine Tour

Alpine Tour is Salzburger Echo's most traditional alpine album. It features a mixture of polkas and waltzes that are famous in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. This album also features songs played on traditional alpine instruments including the Holz Glächter, the Swiss Cowbells, and the Alphorn. 






·Erinnerung an Zirkus Renz


·I-15 Polka (Auf der Autobahn)

In the Rockies

In The Rockies  is Salzburger Echo's debut recording. This album is a nice mix of American polkas, European polkas and waltzes, and traditional alpine songs.




·Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie


·Trompeten Echo


·Happy Polka


·Alphorn Zauber

In our time together as a group, Salzburger Echo has recorded nine studio albums. You can listen to our music on SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube and many other online radio services. If you would like to buy one of our albums, you can buy a digital copy through iTunes, CD Baby, and other online music retailers. If you would like to purchase a physical copy of a Salzburger Echo album, you can speak with us at one of our live shows, or you can reach out to us through the contact page on this website. 

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