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Prairie Song is a story of the alphorn. The alphorn began as a humble shepherd's instrument in the high meadows of the Central European Alps. It has since embarked on a journey all across the world, where it has been welcomed with open arms. The Alphorns of Salzburger Echo would like to bring you along on a part of the alphorn's journey. This part of the Journey has reimaginings of traditional alphorn songs, adaptations of classic American folk songs, and new compositions inspired by the American landscape. We call this part of the journey Prairie Song.

-Brian Priebe, Laura Nelson, Robert Brazelton, and Tony Brazelton (The Alphorns of Salzburger Echo)

You can also buy The Alphorns of Salzburger Echo, Cornucopia, The Wurst of Salzburger Echo, and Yodelology 101 through digital music retailers. For physical copies of these CDs or any of our other recordings, please contact us through the contact page, or find us at one of our live performances.



Salzburger Echo Brings the Alps to their audiences, playing Old World and contemporary folk music from the alpine regions of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. They continue to amaze audiences with their twelve-foot alphorns, Swiss cowbells, and harmony yodeling. Together since 1992, Salzburger Echo has played many venues and festivals throughout the United States and Europe. They are one of the most sought after Alpine bands in the nation. Festivals such as Oktoberfest (Mt. Angel, Oregon); Snowbird's Annual Oktoberfest (Snowbird, Utah); Las Vegas Oktoberfest at the Historic 5th Street School (Las Vegas, Nevada); Ruidoso Oktoberfest (Ruidoso, New Mexico); and Oktoberfest at Snake River Brewing (Jackson Hole, Wyoming) invite Salzburger Echo to perform year after year because of their high-energy showmanship, their outsatnding musicianship, and their cunning wit.


Salzburger Echo also delivers an engaging educational program for grades K-12 and is certified by ARTS inc. (formerly Young Audiences Inc. of Utah). From backyard parties to live TV and radio performances in Europe, and practically every venue between; Salzburger Echo is the perfect group for all of your festival, party, and concert needs. Gunther Zellinger, accordion instructor and official representative of Hof, Germany was stunned by the musicianship and outright flair of the 2000 Hof Germanfest in Ogden, Utah. He stated: "You know, in Germany there are some 3,500 accordion orchestras, and I tell you, these Salzburger Echo guys are right up there with the best of them".

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